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RISC-V Verifiable Entertainment System

by edubart
by dude
by ednekebno
Create, collect and play cartridges:
retro games or tools
quick run
by edubart
on Antcopter
you are doomeed
by max
on Freedoom
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Create, collect and watch tapes:
interactions with cartridges


Fun and easy to create

Create small games using a minimalistic API and simple tools. Build in a constrained enjoyable environment, similar to retro consoles, and be more creative.

Verifiable gameplays

Every game built for RIVES is verifiable onchain by default. RIVES verifies and stores submitted gameplay logs as collectible tapes.

Compete onchain

Every cartridge submitted can have its own custom leaderboard(s). Players can compete for prizes and achievements.

RISC-V Linux Console

RIVES is built and runs in a Linux OS on a RISC-V emulator. Use any programming language to create a game. C, C++, Rust, Nim, Zig, Nelua and more.

Mod Cartridges

Extend games, change their rules, build custom maps and compose on top of other cartridges.

Rollup powered by Cartesi

RIVES runs in a Rollup powered by Cartesi. Live on Ethereum testnet, to be on Base mainnet soon.